South Carolina’s Premier Lithotripsy & Kidney Stone Treatment Center

Patients in need of relief from kidney stones can take advantage of the immediate availability of our resources.

The Carolina Stone Center, located in Columbia, is South Carolina’s premier lithotripsy center. Established in 1986 to meet the needs of patients with stones in the urinary system, the Carolina Stone Center has remained on the cutting edge of technology and procedures.

Our Technology


The HM3

In active use since 1986, the Dornier HM3 is still considered the "Gold Standard" of lithotripters by which all subsequent lithotripters are compared. This is the original FDA approved lithotripter, and uses a unique spark-gap power source.


The Gemini

This newer Dornier lithotripter which uses an electromagnetic power source is a combination lithotripter and cystoscopy table that allows the physician to perform multiple tasks without displacing the patient.


The Lasers

We have two lasers available for stone disintegration. They fragment stones by touching the stone with the tip of a laser fiber. The newest was acquired in 2017 and is a holmium laser. It has the ability to not just fragment the stones, but also to “dust” them when appropriate.

Treating Physicians

Our physicians have many years experience working to treat kidney stones, and strive to continuously to give the best care to each patient. The team of the Carolina Stone Center is dedicated to providing the most advanced technology available in the medical market for our patients. We constantly evaluate and consider new technology for possible inclusion in the treatment options available to our patients.

Why Choose the Carolina Stone Center ?

Cutting edge lithotripsy technology


24-7 availability to our equipment, 365 days a year, which means no waiting for patients experiencing the pain of a kidney stone


Strong team of experienced, highly qualified treating physicians


A technical staff of Certified Lithotripsy Technologists who have each has performed thousands of stone intervention cases. We have had the same staff members since 1986.